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Fellowship Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about the NurseTRUST E3 Fellowship experience?
The NurseTRUST E3 Fellowship experience is designed as a continuum or series of leadership development opportunities for nurses in all settings and sectors, such as academia, practice, public health, community, policy, and research. The advanced leadership curriculum is combined with self-directed, individualized leadership development activities and delivered through virtual and in-person methods. The Fellowship program leverages the knowledge, skills, experience, and talents of the alumna of the RWJF Executive Nurse Fellows Program and the internationally recognized expertise of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) as faculty and mentors.

The Fellowship program series begins with the NurseTRUST Emerging Leader program, for those new to leadership roles or those adjusting to leadership roles in a new setting or context. The second stage of the continuum, the NurseTRUST Fellow program is designed for seasoned leaders seeking to advance their skills to inspire innovation, challenge traditional practices & expand their network. In the third stage of the continuum, those in the NurseTRUST Executive Fellows Program are senior executive leaders looking to drive transformational change in health and health equity in organizations and communities.

Nurse leaders can enroll in one program or follow the continuum to complete all three programs. Those who complete the NurseTRUST E3 Fellowship experience will be recognized and respected as leaders within their organization/university who think innovatively, act collaboratively and negotiate and influence differently to positively impact the course of nursing, health equity and health care. 

What are the benefits of completing the NurseTRUST E3 Fellowship programs?
There are benefits to the nurse participant as well as to the organization/university. For the nurse leader, foremost is the opportunity to learn from experts at the Center for Creative Leadership and from alums of the RWJF Executive Nurse Fellows Program who have experience in senior leadership roles in health systems, universities, and community sectors. The program maximizes the opportunities presented within the cohort model in which nurses in a variety of settings, such as practice, education, public health and the community, all engaged in this high-level program learn from and with each other and develop lifelong professional networking relationships.  

Benefits to the organization/university include a return on investment as the nurse leaders expand their ability to take on new leadership challenges in complex settings and to engage others in collaborative high value activities. Investing in staff leadership development encourages retention of valued nurses and more effective recruitment.

How do I become a NurseTRUST Emerging Leader?
Applications for the first program in the Fellowship series – the NurseTRUST Emerging Leader Program - will be released in late August 2022. The first cohort will begin just prior to the NurseTRUST Summit to be held in New Orleans from March 12-15, 2023.

Early career, high potential nurse leaders moving into a first-time leader role or transitioning to a new context or setting, from all sectors, such as practice (acute care, ambulatory, long term care, public health & mental health, community health centers), academia, business, government, and entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply through the NurseTRUST website. The application is now open.

Each cohort will consist of about 24 leaders. The applicant must first submit a completed application, a letter of support from their employer or a senior nurse leader, and an updated Curriculum Vitae (CV). Semi-finalists will have a virtual interview with members of the NurseTRUST Fellowship Committee.

What are the estimated time commitments?
The  8-month NurseTRUST Emerging Leader program is designed so that participants can remain in their current positions while they actively engage in the program. The program is designed to offer as much flexibility as possible. We expect that Leaders will attend all virtual and in-person meetings and engage fully with their mentor. The program includes a leadership development project to be developed with your employing organization. The project provides an opportunity to learn and then apply new leadership skills and address issues that are important to your organization's future. The program brochure details the time estimates for each month of the program. The annual in-person meeting, the NurseTRUST Summit, is a 2 day in-person meeting held in March each year.

What are the program costs?
The cost for the NurseTRUST Emerging Leader program is $3,500. This includes the eight month leadership development program, personalized mentor guidance, and registration for the NurseTRUST March 2023 Summit in New Orleans, LA.  Leaders are responsible for travel and lodging expenses for the 2 day NurseTRUST Annual Summit.  We encourage applicants to seek financial support from their organization. Limited scholarship funding is available to select applicants.

How will I be matched with a mentor?
Mentors are designed to support the Leader’s development and will be matched based on the Leader’s goals.

Can you tell me more about NurseTRUST?
NurseTRUST was established by senior nurse leaders who completed the RWJF Executive Nurse Fellows program and who are committed to developing the next generation of exceptional nurse leaders who are well prepared to lead and sustain improvements in equitable, accessible, high-quality health care. NurseTRUST members consist of leaders who have senior roles in public health, academia, acute, ambulatory, and long term care, businesses, philanthropic organizations, or who may have an entrepreneurial business. For more information, contact NurseTRUST at [email protected].

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