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NurseTRUST is a 501(c)(3) membership organization created in 2017 by passionate alumni members of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellows program. Our mission is to inspire and enable nursing leaders to grow, collaborate, and transform health and health care. NurseTRUST amplifies nurse leaders’ impact on health, health equity and health care.




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E3 Fellowship Program  

The NurseTRUST E3 Fellowship Program is designed for nurses with high potential to move into their first leadership role and/or those transitioning to leadership roles in a new context or setting. The eight-month virtual program includes registration for the NurseTRUST Summit and personalized mentor guidance throughout the program. It was developed by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), in collaboration with NurseTRUST, and is based on CCL’s successful Frontline Leader Impact Program.

Want to hear from the 2022-2023 Fellowship Cohort about their experience? Check out their videos HERE!

Jordan Yakoby 2023 NurseTRUST Emerging Leader graduate: "The NurseTRUST E3 Fellowship was an amazing program that has really made me more introspective about the leadership journey. While I've always been some to ponder, this Fellowship made me more deliberative in my approach to leadership. I am now hyper focused on what the goal is, who the stakeholders are, and how they might perceive the situation. And above all, I have really come to appreciate now more than ever the need for meaningful consultation with team members and colleagues before embarking upon a course of action. To say that this has been a transformative experience is an understatement. I've gotten some really great pearls from my mentor. Thank you for including me in the NurseTRUST journey!'

Shelley Thompkins, CCL: “Frontline Leader Impact brings together CCL’s world-class content and experienced faculty to deliver an effective online leadership development experience that serves the needs of organizations looking to develop their frontline managers.”

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