We are NurseTRUST.NurseTRUST powered by RWJF Alumni

NurseTRUST is a 501(c)(3) membership organization created in 2017 by passionate alumni members of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellows program. Membership is now open to nurse leaders who share a passion for the NurseTRUST mission to inspire and enable nurse leaders to grow, collaborate, and transform health, health equity and health care.

Through adding unparalleled values based on trusted and collaborative relationships, NurseTRUST amplifies nurse leaders’ impact on health, health equity and health care.


Benefits of NurseTRUST membership includes participation in our Annual Summit, TRUSTed ConversationsE3 Fellowship Program, as well as the opportunity to connect year-round with a network of nurse leaders.

Membership in NurseTRUST is open to those who completed the Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) Executive Nurse Fellows, Nurse Faculty Scholar, or Future of Nursing Scholars program. Additionally, those who participated in the NurseTRUST E3 Fellowship Program are automatically qualified to join. NurseTRUST members may also choose to nominate nurse leaders who embody the spirit of NurseTRUST to become members. 

Increasing membership in NurseTRUST meets our purpose to engage nurses in life-changing leadership - through trusted collaboration - to intentionally disrupt healthcare to improve health. New members are vital to our promise to sustain a robust network of nurse leaders to support the development of nurse leaders.

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